Thalavady Chiramel Mekkaringattu Kudumbam Mallappally

Family Trees display various successive generations of Mekkaringattu Family. Mekkaringattu family was founded in or around 1835, by Thalavady Chiramel Madappurackal kaneyekonil Kunjandi Ouseph (grandson of Kochittiavira Tharakan) , at Mallappally Mekkaringattu (50 meters above and from current Mallappally Market on Mallappally-Thiruvalla road.

All family members are requested to contact editor to make corrections/additions/deletions in the below family trees

Data last updated Jan2018

To know the Thalavady Chiramel Ancestry of the founder of the Mallappally Mekkaringattu Kudumbam, click below:

Ancestors of Founder-Mekkaringattu.pdf Ancestors of Founder-Mekkaringattu.pdf
Size : 73.637 Kb
Type : pdf

To see the first 3 generations of Mekkaringattu family with various subbranches, please click below

Mekkaringattu first 3 generation.pdf Mekkaringattu first 3 generation.pdf
Size : 75.852 Kb
Type : pdf

Click below to see the fullMekkaringattu branch of Mekkaringattu Kudumbam

Mekkaringattu Subbranch.pdf Mekkaringattu Subbranch.pdf
Size : 80.427 Kb
Type : pdf

Click below to see family tree from Nadamala Pappy Appachan - He is the 8th Generation of Chiramel Kudumbam

Nadamala Pappy Appachan.pdf Nadamala Pappy Appachan.pdf
Size : 73.947 Kb
Type : pdf

To see the foundation of Mekkaringattu family with original 5 branches, please click below

Mekkaringattu Foundation and 5 branches.pdf Mekkaringattu Foundation and 5 branches.pdf
Size : 71.879 Kb
Type : pdf

Click below to see family tree of Nadamala Scaria Appachan (the only brother of Pappy Appachan) - He is the 8th generation of Chiramel Kudumbam

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