Thalavady Chiramel Mekkaringattu Kudumbam Mallappally


Thalavady Chiramel Kudumbam, that the Mekkaringattu family stemmed from, was founded by Avira Vaidhyan - the ‘Kudumba Vaidhyan’ (Royal Physician and Master of Martial Arts ‘Kalari’) of the Chempakassery dynasty that ruled the ‘desam’ of Ambalappuzha and the region surrounded.  Avira Vaidhyan had the genealogical inheritance of ‘Pakalomattom Tharavadu’ – one of the Kerala’s ancient Syrian Christian families, with priestly traditions, that had been converted from Brahmins by St. Thomas in AD 52.

Elder brother of Avira Vaidhyan was a Master of Kalari who founded the family 'Aranmula Kavalayil' and younger brother was an 'Aashan' (School teacher) who founded the family 'Thumbamon Vadekkadam'.

The seven branches of ‘Thalavady Chiramel Kudumbam’ are Chiramel, Ambrayil, Madapurackal, Puthenpurackal, Mulanilkunnathil, Mulamoottil and Valyaparampil. There are 24 sub-branches, around 700 families and over 4000 members .

One of the members of Thalavady Chiramel Kudumbam, Madapurackal branch and Kaneykonil sub-branch, Kunjandi Ouseph (1815 to 1885 – 5th generation of Thalavady Chiramel Kudumbam), married from the Mallappally Puthuparambil family and got settled at Mallappally Mekkaringattu location, just above and close to today’s Mallappally Market, in 1845. This Kunjandi Ouseph is the founder of the Mekkaringattu family. He was the grandson of Madapurackal Kochittiavira Tharakan (recipient of ‘Tharakan’ title from King of Chempakasseri) and the second son of Kaneyekonil Kunjandi. Kunjandi Ouseph had five sons and each of them was married and got settled at five different, but nearby locations in Mallappally. These branches are Mullamkuzhikkal (the elder son Chandy), Nadamala (the second son Mathunny), Padinjarekkara (the third son Ouseph), Thalachirakkal (the fourth son Avira) and Mekkaringattu (the fifth son Varghese). The only one daughter, Aliamma, was married to Kannanmalil Madayadil.

Today, Mallappally Mekkaringattu is one of the well-known ancient Syrian Malankara Christian families of Kerala. Mekkaringattu family members inherited the qualities of bravery from the ancestors ‘Tharakans’, and fear of God from the  Priestly traditions of the Pakalomattom Kudumbam that included Chiramel members like His Highness Catholicos of the Indian Orthodox Church, Right Reverend Suffragan Metropolitan of Marthoma Church and many respected priests and nuns. This inheritance transformed the members into a strong and God fearing family.

From the recent traditional farming and trading professionals, Mekkaringattu family members have grown into various modern professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Medical Staff, Politicians & Social Workers, Businessmen, Government Officials, Defense officers and Software Technocrats.

Mekkaringattu family members are living in various locations of Kerala, in various states of India and in various countries specifically in USA, Australia, UK and Gulf countries. In and around Mallappally, there are settlements in Manjathanam, Punnaveli, Nellimoottil, Kaippatta, Mallappally–Nedungadappally highway and Mallappally Junction/Market. Pathanamthitta (Nadamala branch) and Nilambur (Mullamkuzhikkal branch) are the two other major Kerala locations where family members migrated and settled. The first chapter of Mekkaringattu Kudumbayogam was inaugurated in Nilambur on 6th Nov 2018.

Written by Varughese Mathew Nadamala


The first website started for the Mekkaringattu Family was in 2008 by the then Abu Dhabi resident Raju Nadamala with the title of 'MEKKARINGADANS'. However, it had to be discontinued after 2 years, due to the cyber unawareness of most of the family members except few NRIs. Now, this site has been rebuilt and dedicated for the family in 2017 by the decision of Chiramel Mekkaringattu Kudumbayogam Mallappally Shaka. The family members behind this venture are Joshy Padinjarekkara, Lijo Padinjarekkara and Raju Nadamala.

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